This guide will talk you through the two different ways that you can factory reset your DumaOS powered router

Soft reset

To soft reset your router, you'll first need to access the interface in your web browser. Make sure you're connected to your router via either an ethernet cable or via it's Wi-Fi network, then go to your default gateway in your web browser. To find what this is for your router, refer to the below table.

NETDUMA R1192.168.88.1http://r1/
NETDUMA R2192.168.77.1http://dumaos/
NETGEAR Nightgawk Pro

Here, go to the three-dot menu in the top right of the interface and click Advanced -> Factory Reset.

For Nighthawk Pro Gaming users, go to Settings -> Administration -> Backup Settings -> Erase.

For Telstra, go to the three-dot menu in the top right of the interface and click Advanced ->Reset DumaOS.

Allow the router approximately 5 minutes to factory reset before trying to access the interface again.

You may not have internet access until you've been through the initial setup again.

Hard Reset

To hard reset your router, you'll need a paper-clip like object.

  1. Use the paper-clip to hold the reset pin on the back of the router for at least thirty seconds
  2. After thirty seconds, release the paper-clip
  3. Leave the router for 5 minutes
  4. Access the interface once again and complete the initial setup.

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