You can use the Geo-Filter to block servers in most games.

There are some games where this is not possible. Usually this is because you can select the server within the game itself.

Please refer to the table down below to see if your favourite game can be filtered.


GameFiltering ModeComments
Apex LegendsYes 
BattlefieldNoYou can already select the server in the game using the server browser.
Call of Duty: Vanguard (As well as previous CoD titles and game modes)Yes 
Counter Strike: Global OffensiveYes 
Destiny 1 & 2YesDue to changes to Bungie infrastructure, Geo-Filter will now filter Destiny by Steam Datagram Relay (SDR) servers.
Dota 2No 
FIFA (all titles supported)YesUltimate team filters by servers, while other game modes are filtered by players, so the filtering experience can be different depending on the playlist
GTA 5No 
Halo 5Yes 
Halo MCCYes 
League of LegendsNo 
Mortal KombatYes 
NBA2K (all titles)Yes 
NHL 21 (all titles)Yes 
Player Unknown: BattlegroundsYes 
Pro Evolution Soccer (all titles)Yes 
Rainbow Six: SiegeYes 
Rocket LeagueYes 
Street FighterYes 
World of WarcraftNo

If you don't see your game above, you can still try filtering it by selecting 'Choose manually' when adding your device to Geo-filter. 

If you're playing on PC, checkout the section titled "How to add a PC game not listed on the Geo-Filter" in this article.

If Geo-filter still doesn't appear to be compatible with your game, you can contact our support team by creating a new topic on our forum.