This guide will explain how to upgrade your version of DumaOS to a newer version. If you do not currently have DumaOS installed on your Netduma R1, please see separate instructions here:

  1. Download the latest firmware for the Netduma R1. At the time of writing, during the Open Beta, you will receive this in an email from (so long as you have signed up to the Open Beta
  2. Go to your R1 interface (usually at (if this is your first time installing DumaOS, the default login is admin and password (type this in English)
  3. In the top right corner, click the icon that looks like a clock with a circular arrow around it.
  4. Select the upgrade file from wherever you saved it onto your PC then click Upgrade. 
  5. It will take about 60 seconds for your R1 to upgrade, so please be patient. DO NOT POWER OFF YOUR ROUTER DURING THIS TIME
  6. You should automatically be taken back to the interface. If this does not happen, check your PC hasn't connected you to a different WiFi whilst the R1 was temporarily offline