1. Download the latest Original R1 Firmware here
  2. In the top right hand corner of the DumaOS interface click the Upgrade button ()
  3. Click ‘Select Upgrade File’ & navigate to where you downloaded the upgrade file and click open.
  4. Click ‘Upgrade’ and wait a few minutes 
  5. Then try to access the R1 interface by typing in or http://R1 
  6. Your browser may try to redirect you to which will prevent you from accessing the original R1 firmware interface. To get around this problem, clear the cache on your browser (ctrl + F5 on Windows usually solves this). Or alternatively, use a different browser (e.g. Firefox) or open your browser in incognito / private browsing mode
  7. If you are still unable to connect double check that your WiFi has not automatically connected you to a different network while you were waiting. If this has happened, reconnect back to the Netduma R1