Performing a factory reset on the Netduma R1 is easy, though you should only do this as a last resort if the router is not functioning correctly or to clear your settings. Factory resets should not be carried out on a regular basis, as in most cases a simple reboot will resolve any minor issues without any risk.

Performing a Factory Reset from the user interface

To perform a factory reset, first click on the 'i' (Information) icon on the header bar of DumaOS. This will open the 'Information' box shown below:

Click on 'Factory Reset' and wait for the router to fully reboot before trying to use the interface again. This process will take around two minutes.

After a factory reset is performed, your settings will be reverted to default and your password will become 'netdumar1'. You can change your password by clicking the 'Account Settings' icon on the header bar of DumaOS.

To setup your router optimally, we recommend you follow these guides:

Performing a Factory Reset using the Reset button

If you can't access the interface, you can still reset your router using the reset button.

Follow this guide: