In this guide we will cover the primary causes of lag and how you can use the DumaOS Geo-Filter to reduce it in your favourite games.

What is lag?

Lag is a delay between you and the host of the game, and is measured in Milliseconds (ms). The time it takes for your input to reach the game host and return to you is called Ping. With DumaOS you have all the tools needed to diagnose and reduce the 4 causes of lag:

The Geo-Filter shows the location of the server you are playing on and its ping. When set to ‘Filtering Mode’, the Geo-Filter will guarantee the server is always located near your home, giving you the best possible connection.

First we recommend that you follow the Geo-Filter Tour within DumaOS, which can be started by clicking the ‘?’ icon at the top of the page. This will give you a basic understanding of how the Geo-Filter works.

Click ‘Add Device’ on the Devices panel.

Select your device from the list. If your selected device is a console, it will be added to the Geo-Filter upon clicking ‘Done’. If you have added a device that is not a console such as your gaming PC, you will be asked to select the game you wish to filter. Select the game from the dropdown list that appears.

Once your device has been added it will default to either Spectating Mode or Filtering Mode depending on whether the service you have selected can be filtered. Console games usually need distance filtering to get the lowest ping and control which hosts you connect to. With PC games you can usually select your server or region in-game, meaning you will not need to filter the game and can instead use Spectating Mode to monitor your connection.

Filtering Mode

For games that require filtering mode, you should set your home location on the map by clicking the ‘Pin-Drop’ icon and clicking on your location on the Geo-Filter Map.

We recommend selecting a profile next. To do this, click on ‘Profiles’ on the Geo-Filter Map panel. Here you can choose from the most popular online games to receive the best Geo-Filter setup for that game. For unsupported games the Geo-Filter radius will default to the entire world, which will still allow you to see the hosts of the game and ping them.

If you are playing a supported game, you will see hosts get blocked if they are outside of your radius (and if Strict Mode is enabled in the Geo-Filter Map submenu). You will now be blocking more distant, higher-ping servers and hosts, allowing you to find the best online connections.

Spectating Mode

This mode can be used to monitor your connection to the game in real-time without blocking hosts. This is useful for PC games which usually allow you to select a region or server in-game. Some console games such as Battlefield also use Spectating Mode. If you are unsure which mode to select, select your game in the Geo-Filter Profiles menu.

Spectating Mode can be used to find out your ping to the game, and in some games will show you which players are connected to your server. You can ping these servers / hosts in the same way outlined on the previous page.


Getting the lowest ping is the most important step in reducing lag. You can measure your ping using the Ping panel, which will pop up below your Geo-Filter Map when the Geo-Filter has automatically pinged the host or you have manually clicked an icon on the map.

The Geo-Filter will automatically ping the host if Auto-Ping Host is enabled. This option is enabled by default. Alternatively you can disable Auto-Ping Host in the Geo-Filter Map submenu. This will allow you to ping a host at any time by clicking on their icon on the map. The largest icon will always be the host of the game.

Allow and Deny

You can also ‘Deny’ bad hosts and ‘Allow’ good hosts and friends on the Ping panel. To do this, simply give the pinged connection a name and click Allow or Deny. This host will then be added to the list on the Allow and Deny panel.

If you’re unable to deny a host this is because it is a Dedicated Server. DumaOS does not currently allow you to deny these essential servers as it could cause long term issues with your game experience.

You have now successfully configured the Geo-Filter for gaming. Click here to move on to Step 3: QoS. If you are experiencing NAT issues which are affecting your gameplay, check out our DumaOS NAT guide.