DumaOS is a powerful router operating system that gives you control of your home network.

It is pre-installed on the NETGEAR Nighthawk XR500, XR450 and XR700. For all Netduma R1 users it is now available as a free download.

Setting up your Router

The first step in accessing DumaOS on your router is to connect a PC or laptop to your router. You can do this either with a wired or wireless.

If using WiFi, search for your router’s Wi-Fi name (SSID) and enter the password.

  • On the Netduma R1, the default name is 'Netduma R1' and the password is the serial number taken from the label on the bottom of the router (do not enter the '/' and the final three characters after it. 
  • On the Nighthawk routers, the default name and password are on a label on your router 

Accessing DumaOS

DumaOS is compatible with most Internet browsers. For the best experience we recommend using Google Chrome; although you can use Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 as well.

In your browser, type the following into your address bar:

  • Netduma R1 users should type:
  • Nighthawk users should type: routerlogin.net or the router’s LAN IP address (which by default is into the address bar 

You will then be asked to sign into your router. The default details are:



Make sure to type these in lower case and in English

Netduma R1 Users: you should now be on the router interface. You can click the 'i' icon in the top right corner to select a welcome tour to understand more about DumaOS. To setup your router optimally, we recommend you follow these Optimal Settings Guides

Nighthawk Users: a welcome tour and setup wizard should now introduce you to DumaOS. Follow this tour to get started and we recommend you follow these Optimal Settings Guides once the touer has completed.

We hope you enjoy using DumaOS.