During the Setup Wizard, a speed test will automatically run to configure your router. We recommend you do not skip this stage.

After this speed test, your bandwidth speeds will be automatically input on the QoS R-App. By default, the QoS R-App is configured to give you your full speeds provided by your ISP. However, this will not necessarily give you the best experience when gaming.

If you wish to manually configure DumaOS to achieve your maximum speeds, follow the steps below:


Open the Anti-Bufferbloat submenu and input your expected speeds.

Change your Anti-Bufferbloat mode to ‘Never’. Doing this will ensure that no throttling is taking place, though you could experience more in-game lag as a result.

Share Excess

To ensure all connected devices are efficiently sharing bandwidth, enable ‘Share Excess’ in the Bandwidth Allocation submenu for both Download and Upload.

Reset Bandwidth Allocation

Click ‘Reset Bandwidth Allocation’ for both Download and Upload. This will allow devices to take as much bandwidth as they require.

Wired VS WiFi

Whenever you conduct a speed test, you should always use a wired PC or Laptop. You can expect to receive lower speeds when using devices connected through WiFi, and most other devices will provide inaccurate results e.g. a console speed test.

Ethernet Cables

It’s possible that while you conduct all your speed tests on a wired PC or Laptop, your Ethernet cable is not able to handle your speeds or is faulty. For high speeds (>300mbps) you will require a CAT-5e, CAT-6 or CAT-7 Ethernet cable.

If your Ethernet cable is old or possibly damaged you should try running a speed test using a different cable.

Disable Traffic Prioritisation

If you have added the device you are using to conduct your speed test to Traffic Prioritisation, this could cause false readings to occur. You should temporarily remove your device from Traffic Prioritisation and restart your speed test to be safe.

Disable QoS

If you are still not receiving your full speeds, try disabling QoS in the Anti-Bufferbloat submenu. This is not recommended for everyday use.

If you receive your maximum speeds when QoS is disabled, this indicates that your settings were incorrect. It is recommended that you carefully follow the steps in this section to configure your QoS settings correctly.

Still not able to reach your full speeds?

If you have tried every step in this section and cannot reach your maximum speeds, contact Netduma support on forum.netduma.com.