On DumaOS, all Console games are automatically prioritized in QoS feature ‘Traffic Prioritization’ by default. 

However, PC & mobile games require classification. Most popular PC games have been classified already, but some games, such as games popular in Asia, are not yet classified.

This guide explains how to use Wireshark to store a game’s packets. The Netduma team can then use this to classify the game. Follow this guide to help provide that information to the DumaOS Team.

For PC games you will need:

  • A PC connected to the Internet by WiFi or ethernet

  • The game you want to test installed on that PC

For Mobile games you will need:

  • A Windows or MAC PC that has modern ethernet and WiFi adapter. If you are using a Windows PC, follow steps 3 and 4 of the guide below titled Using a Windows PC to Wireshark a Mobile Device to check. If the check fails, use a different PC. A MAC is automatically modern so no check is needed on MAC

  • A mobile phone (running Android, iOS etc)

  • The game you want to test installed on that mobile device

PC Games

  1. Download & Install the stable release version of Wireshark from here for your operating system (Windows or MAC).

  2. Open Wireshark and then click WiFi or ethernet (you may only have one of these options available) whatever connection type your game will be using to connect to the Internet.

  3. Load up your game so you’re at the menu ready to search for a game.

  4. Click the blue shark fin then wait 10 - 20 seconds.

  5. Type UDP into the text box at the top of the Wireshark program.

  6. Go back to the game menu and then search for a game. Wireshark should then look something like this:

  1. Once you’re in the game stay in it for at least 20 seconds.

  2. On Wireshark click the red square next to the blue shark fin that you clicked to start the capture. This will stop the Wireshark capture.

  3. Then click File > Save As. Give it a good name that describes what the game/what you did for example: PUBG_Solo_1

  4. Repeat for as many playlists/game types there are available. The aim is to get 5 captures for each playlist/game type.

Mobile Phone Games

Wireshark is not available on mobile, so you need to connect your mobile phone to a wireless network that you will create on your PC. Wireshark will then capture the data on your phone through your PC

Using a Windows PC to Wireshark a Mobile Device:

  1. Click on the start button and then type


    Do not press enter. On the start menu, Command Prompt will appear at the top, right click and click ‘Run as administrator’.

  2. If prompted by User Account Control, click yes or allow.

  3. In the Command Prompt window that appears type:

    netsh wlan show drivers

  4. Press enter and look for “Hosted network supported”  if it says no then you do not have an up to date network adapter and will need to find a PC that does or use a MAC PC if possible. If is says yes then continue the guide

  5. Type:

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= key=

    After ssid= type a unique name that will be your WiFi SSiD through your PC. After key= give a password you want to use for the wifi. It should be 8 characters or more. It should look something like this:

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=WiFiTest key=hello123

    Press enter.

  6. After that type:

    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    and press enter. If you have completed it all correctly it will look like the picture below.

  7. Now open Windows 10 Control Panel.

  8. Choose Network and Sharing Center.

  9. On the left pane of Network and Sharing Center window, click the link Change Adapter Settings.

  10. This will open up Network Connections.

  11. Right click on the ethernet adapter & go to Properties and then the Sharing tab

  12. Select the checkbox which asks you to Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection then use the drop down menu and select the the “Local Area Connection *10”

  13. Now connect to the the Wi-Fi SSID you made earlier on the mobile that you will use to play the game.

Repeat steps 1-10 of the PC games section to use Wireshark for the game you’re testing (but obviously you are playing the game on your mobile, instead of your PC)

Send captures to with the subject 'WireShark Captures for ' and include the game you've tested.

Using a MAC PC to Wireshark a Mobile Device:

  1. Open System Preferences.

  2. Open Sharing, in the Internet & Wireless Section.

  3. Select the ‘Ethernet’ for ‘Share your connection from:’

  4. Tick the Wi-Fi Option in the ‘To computers using:’ list.

  5. Then go to Wi-Fi Options & set the SSID & Password.

  6. Then tick Internet Sharing Option, on the Left Side.

  7. You can then select the Wi-Fi SSID you set on any wireless device to connect.

Repeat steps 2-10 of the PC games section to use Wireshark for the game you’re testing. If you do not see WiFi for the interface on Wireshark then complete the following steps:

  1. Open Terminal

  2. To see your exact username (for me that was FraayzeR) type:


    And press enter.

  3. Type (replace FraayzeR with the name given from the above command):

    cd /dev sudo chown FraayzeR:admin bp*

    Press enter and enter your computers password:

  4. Now type:

    ls -la | grep bp

    And press enter. This will display a list of files such as:

  5. Make sure all of them have your username (e.g. FraayzeR) and admin on the right. None of mine have admin on the right so I need to run this command 4 times. For each command you need to change the ‘bpf0’ part to the line you’re running the command for:

    sudo chown FraayzeR:admin bpf0
    sudo chown FraayzeR:admin bpf1
    sudo chown FraayzeR:admin bpf2
    sudo chown FraayzeR:admin bpf3

    And press enter after each command.

Repeat steps 1-10 of the PC games section to use Wireshark for the game you’re testing.

Send captures to with the subject 'WireShark Captures for ' and include the game you've tested.