1. I cannot use the DumaOS interface on my phone

    1. Currently the DumaOS interface should only be accessed via a PC, laptop or tablet. Support for phone use will be provided in a future version

  1. The user interface is slow / some features are not loading on DumaOS

    1. Access the user interface on Google Chrome, which is the optimal browser for DumaOS. This should speed up loading times

    2. If you are using an Adblocker, make sure it is is disabled for the router interface domain name ( 

    3. If the UI is still very slow it is probably because you are using an old PC or laptop. If this is not the case, please contact the next level of tech support and provide the specification of your laptop / PC so this can be investigated further

  1. I am getting an error popup (e.g. RPC call)

    1. Switch to Google Chrome or Firefox

    2. If issue continues, make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of DumaOS

    3. If you are already on the latest version, hard refresh the page to clear your cache. Use CTRL+F5 to do this on a PC

    4. If problems continue, reboot the router

    5. If problems still continue, perform a factory reset (follow normal NETGEAR guide on how to do a factory reset)

    6. If problems still continue, contact the next level of tech support and state how this error occurs e.g. which page are you on and what browser you are using

  2. My user interface is still in English after choosing to translate to a different language

    1. Currently most of the interface is only available in English. Support for many other languages will be provided soon

  1. I am connected via an ethernet cable but I cannot access the interface

    1. Try connecting via WiFi - can the interface now be accessed? If yes, perform a factory reset. If no, try rebooting the router. If issue continues then this is not a DumaOS issue so tech support for normal NETGEAR routers should be followed on how to access the interface

  1. Only one WiFi network is appearing

    1. This is due to the ‘Smart Connect’ feature. It will automatically switch between 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz depending on your networks needs. If you would prefer to have two separate WiFi networks then disable this feature in WiFi settings.