To get the best experience while gaming, it is important to make sure that the settings on the router are set correctly for your network and speeds. The goals of Congestion Control are:

  • Retaining a low ping while others use the Internet.

  • Prioritising devices that need the available bandwidth more than others.

  • Prioritising game traffic.


First of all the router needs to know what your internet speeds are. Go to the Congestion Control page on the router interface, there is a box at the top of the page which says “Set Bandwidth”. The button looks like this: 

Click that box, and enter your upload and download speeds. If you are not sure what your internet speed is, then you can use an online speed test to to see what it is.

The router will ask you if you want it to setup automatically for your speeds. Select "Yes".

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 13.34.29.png

If you would rather set up manually:

There are two algorithms that you can choose from:

  • Preemptive

  • Reactive

 Preemptive should be selected if your download speed is below 60mbps. If you have a download speed which is greater than 60mbps, then you should select Reactive.

Furthermore to achieve over 100mbps you need to go to Settings > Miscellaneous, disable deep packet processing & IPv6. Go to Settings > WAN and disable IPv6. Do the same in LAN Settings.

For speeds over 120mbps go to Settings > Miscellaneous & enable Turbo mode.

For speeds over 300mbps go to Settings > Miscellaneous & enable Turbo & Super Turbo mode.

Bandwidth Capping

Bandwidth capping means that devices on your network will never saturate your line (use up all the bandwidth). This may sound like the opposite of what you really want, but reducing the amount of bandwidth that all your devices use up means that there will always be a clear path for the packets from your games console to go down and they won't get slowed down by other packets if you are streaming your gameplay or watching a video at the same time.

While gaming, you probably want to have the sliders set between 60-70%, we usually recommend 70%. This will be something that as you use the router more, you'll be able to fine tune.

If you have a particularly low download/upload, then it may be better to set the sliders between 70-80% as you might not have enough bandwidth to cap and still be able to play without lagging.

When you aren't gaming, then you can set the sliders back up to 100% so that you can utilise the full speed of your internet connection.

Device Prioritisation

Device prioritisation is a feature of the NETDUMA R1 router that allows you to allocate upload &/or download bandwidth to devices in your house.

Gaming doesn't usually use a lot of upload bandwidth, but as soon as other devices start to take away the very little that games need, you start to lag in games.

By setting the Device Prioritisation correctly, you can eliminate that possibility of other devices using up the bandwidth that you need to game.

Share Excess

First of all, you will see a button that says “Share excess”.

If you want other devices to be able to use your upload/download bandwidth that has been allocated to the different devices, keep this box ticked. This means that if a device has been allocated 20% but it is only using 10%, then other devices will be able to use that bandwidth unless the device which it is allocated to needs it.

If you are in an important game and are worried that there may be a very slight possibility of lag, then unchecking this box will mean that devices can only use the upload/download that they have been allocated.

Setting the upload/download for your devices

Ensure the upload or download tab is selected. Using the 'Flower' - coloured circle, you can drag the 'Nodes' to allocate bandwidth to your different devices. The 'Flower' is auto-adjusting so if you allocate bandwidth to your one device then it will lower the percentage of allocated bandwidth equally on the other devices.

You probably want to allocate the bandwidth to the devices that need to use your upload/download the most. Depending on your speeds, probably about 30% for your console with 'Share excess' ticked.

This setting really depends on what you use your upload/download for and how fast your speeds are. You can experiment with this and work out what percentage is best for your different devices.

Once you have adjusted the 'Flower' so that all your devices are receiving the correct amount of upload bandwidth, click the “Update Distribution” button.

If you would like to reset the distribution, press the “Reset Distribution” button.

This will allocate each device an equal percentage of the upload/download bandwidth and reset the 'Flower'. You can then re-allocate certain devices more bandwidth if you want!


With Hyper-Traffic you can enable your gaming traffic to bypass everything in your home, meaning there is no queuing of packets and your gaming traffic leaves/comes in your home first no matter what. This means there should be very little jitter/spiking when gaming.

Click "Add New Hyper Service". If you have been through Host Filtering already you will be familiar with the menu system. Select your device e.g. "XboxOne" and select the service e.g. "Xbox Live".

Remember to experiment with the percentages on Anti-flood and also the amount of bandwidth allocated to each device so that is is perfect for your network!