This is a security risk so we suggest you only do it when you have a setup like so:

Modem > Another Router > NETDUMA router > Other Devices
                                         > Laptop

Alternatively, ensure you have enabled "Interface Password Protection" in Settings > Miscellaneous.

If you are on the Laptop (or other device) that is connected to another local router and you want it to access the NETDUMA router interface then it is ok because the other router should provide security and not allow people from outside to access it. 

However if you have a setup like this:

Modem > NETDUMA router > Other Devices

We do not recommend allowing WAN access as anyone on the Internet can then have access to your router. However,  ensure you have enabled "Interface Password Protection" in Settings > Miscellaneous. This will put password protection on the interface any time you try to access it:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 15.50.39.png

Finally the router was not tested with WAN access option in mind so some features may not work. This feature is not officially supported and we only added it due to requests from customers.

To allow WAN access you need to access the router from the LAN side as normal. Then go to “Settings > Miscellaneous” then make sure you have “Access control panel from WAN(not recommend).” ticked.

Enter the IP found after 'WAN IP' in the Device Manager to access the dashboard from the WAN side.