In most cases our UPnP will open all the necessary ports automatically for you. 

However in some circumstances you may need to open ports manually. This will help you achieve an Open NAT when online gaming or allow access to a specific service. You should research the required ports that need to be opened for the specific game & console you are playing.

The options you will need to fill in are:

  • Rule Name - You can put anything here. Would recommend you name it something that let's you know what it's for e.g. Xbox CoD
  • Start Port - If the ports you need to open are in a range e.g. 1 - 10 you would put the starting port here. If doing just one port, put this in for start and end port.
  • End Port - Same as above except input the end port. 
  • Protocol - You can choose between TCP, UDP or both.
  • IP Address - This is the device your port forwarding for. Check the device manager for the IP of the device you want to port forward and input this here.

Click "Add Rule", then "Apply" and your port forwarding settings will take effect. It is not recommended to have UPnP & Port Forwarding enabled at the same time. Only use one or the other. 

You can disable or delete a Port Forwarding Rule at any time. Then click Apply for it to take effect.