Real-time, live ping graphs while you game. Say goodbye to those ping bars and get an exact reading on the quality of your game’s connection:

How will Ping Stats benefit me?

Games tend not to offer much information on your in-game connection. This is especially true on console titles, where ping is usually shown as a bar. This makes it hard to know whether the lag we like to claim has caused our in-game death was real or imaginary.

NETDUMA’s live ping stats will show you the quality of your game’s connection.

For most major PC games you will be able to see even more info, including an objective assessment of your game’s connection as well as your ping’s stability (‘jitter’) and your packet loss.

As well seeing these stats in real-time, you can also view them after the game.

Tell me more

You can access your router on any device with a browser, such as a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. This means you can quickly view the connection while you play.

Seeing your true ping will work on all gaming devices. The detailed drilldown works for the most popular PC games, including League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO and Insurgency.