Ping is usually the number one cause of lag when gaming online. Therefore it is important get as much information about your connections base ping as possible.

The built in Ping Diagnostic feature in the NETDUMA router means that you can easily and accurately measure the different ping metrics and determine the quality of your connection for gaming.

You also have direct links to determine the online status of popular online gaming services.

 By clicking "Run test" you will be presented with this pop up box:

It disconnects all devices from the router so it is pinging straight from the router to the destination - in this case Google's server ( It is a controlled test and not influenced by devices on your network. This means it can be used as a tool to see if you have any issues with the Internet connection from your Internet Service Provider.

Click Yes to start the test. It will not take long to complete - less than a minute.


Once the test has completed you will be shown results for the following four factors:

  • Ping
  • Jitter
  • Spikes
  • Packet Loss

These are all factors that can affect your connection and ultimately your online gaming experience.

If your connection is absolutely fine then you may achieve a result similar to the picture below. This means you should be able to handle gaming very well when using the NETDUMA's other features.

If the test does find some results that are cause for concern you may see a result similar to the picture below:

This indicates you may have some issues with your internet connection. To find out more information we can click "Show details" this will bring up statistics from the ping and trace test.

The parts in these results that shows a red line through them have been censored as they contain private information. Your results will have a number here in place of the red line.

The first part of the results under the heading “Ping” shows the individual packets which were sent to the server (Google's DNS Server).

You can see the average under " ping statistics", this will be your base ping. You will never get a game ping under this. The lower the better.

The second part under the heading “Trace” shows the hops that a packet takes to get to its destination ( This can be useful for determining the cause of high latency.

If you received a bad result you can use the expanded information to give to your Internet Service Provider as proof.

Online Gaming Services

This part of the Internet Diagnosis page provides you with easy links to the Official status of the gaming services:

  • Xbox Live
  • PlayStation Network

Click for details will load the Official service status page in a new tab: