Profiles allow you to easily switch between your favourite NETDUMA settings:

How will Profiles benefit me?

A NETDUMA R1 contains the most advanced router software in the world. With profiles, you can quickly and simply configure the router to contain your best settings.

The router has multiple pre-set profiles to get you the best connections possible from the moment you receive your router. Examples of pre-set profiles include:

  • Call of Duty Ultimate – the best settings to find you extremely good connections in Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare &other CoD games
  • Call of Duty Private Matches – the ideal configuration for when you are playing a competitive match online (e.g. Gamebattles)
  • Destiny – optimal settings for great Destiny connections
  • Halo 5 – guaranteed local matchmaking servers
  • General Gaming – catch-all settings for when someone in your home is playing online
  • Non-gaming – ideal settings for when no-one in your household is gaming

There are many other profiles, including optimal profiles for FIFA, Mortal Kombat X & Smash Bros. Our vibrant user community are also creating their own favourite settings and sharing them on our forum

With just two clicks of your mouse you can switch between your favourite profiles, ensuring the power of the NETDUMA router is unlocked in the simplest possible way.

Tell me more

The Profiles feature was developed thanks to community feedback and was released in one of our many free upgrades.