In the below examples they are red. However this is not always the case. The Select Games/Services slots each have their own colour. So the first slot is red. The second green, etc. The colours will correspond with the colour of your device in the Select Games/Services section.

Small circle

These are potential other players/hosts that you may connect to within your Geo-filter.

Big circle

Once you are in game, a big circle will appear on your Geo-Filter. That is the game host. If you see many big circles throughout your game, that means you're the host.

Sparkly circle

These are hosts/players that you have added to your allow list and will therefore connect to regardless of distance.

Caution triangle

These are hosts/players that are being blocked as they are located outside of your Geo-Filters radius.

Red X

These are hosts/players that you have rated low and therefore blocked.

Small boxes

These represent dormant hosts. This means a host you were previously connected to but have since disconnected.


These are dedicated servers that are being blocked.

Nuke Symbol

This means that ping assist has allowed you to connect to a host or player that is outside of your Geo-Filter range.