Deny & Allow gives you the ability to:

  • Add players/friends you play with frequently
  • Add hosts that played really well
  • Block cheaters 
  • Block bad hosts

Whether you deny or allow the settings take affect no matter how strict your Geo-Filter may be:

  • You friends will ALWAYS be able to connect to you regardless of distance.
  • You will always BLOCK those cheaters/bad hosts even if they're the only ones available to connect to.

The connections that have been blocked or allowed will show in the Deny & Allow section at the bottom of the Host Filtering page. Allowed connections will appear as white circles in the green section of the feature. Blocked connections will appear as white circles in the red section of the feature. 

You can resize the area the red/green sections take up by clicking and dragging the little triangles at the bottom.

In order to add/block a player. Click on the circle corresponding to the host/player. In the Host Descriptor that pops up, input a name in the Handle box e.g. Billy. If you want to block then move the Quality bar to a low percentage. As long as it is under the limit of the red section it will be blocked. If you want to allow them then put the Quality percentage higher and within the green section. 

Once done click Update and they will above above as a white circle at the percentage you rated them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 14.53.58.png