The Netduma’s One-click VPN  and VPN-Hybrid features make it as simple as possible to connect to VPN servers. This is a great way to mask your IP address on any device, meaning your connection cannot be taken hostage by a DDoS attacker.

To use these features, you will need a VPN service provider. Typically these will cost you between $5-$15 a month. Your VPN provider needs to be an ‘OpenVPN’ provider (almost all are). We recommend you seek a high quality VPN provider that has servers located near your home to ensure there is minimal increase in ping.

Applying a VPN does NOT stop a DDoS attack if an attacker has your IP, but if a VPN is used correctly, an attacker cannot get your home’s IP address, meaning you are protected. If your VPN IP is obtained and you are DDoSed, most VPN servers will go down and require you to reconnect. A 30 second procedure. Some companies provide fully anti-DDoS VPNs but they typically cost more, approximately $75 a month. NETDUMA does not currently provide a VPN service.