Below are the anti-lag features and their goal:

The above are the only purposes for the features. So the Geo-Filter is not designed to make you get a high K/D or great W/L ratio. Its only purpose is to limit hosts by distance. The same applies to the congestion control, its only purpose is stop other people you live with impacting your ping.

We will exclusively focus on ping as lowering it is the goal of the router; game-play will not be supported/diagnosed.

The primary purpose of the anti-lag features is to minimize ping. Please read this article on mitigating lag using the R1 before contacting for tech support. If you still need support with the anti-lag features please do the following:

  • Post a screenshot of the details page on the “Internet Diagnosis”.

  • Post a screenshot of the top of the Host Filtering page.

  • Post a screenshot of your Geo-Filter when in a game.

  • Post a screenshot of your entire Congestion Control page please including hyper traffic.

  • Post a screenshot of a typical ping graph (not anomaly games).

  • Let us know your paid for upload and download bandwidth.

  • Finally make sure whatever device your playing the game on is wired. WiFi throws a spanner in the works in terms of lag and we won't try and support that.

Based on that we will help you optimise your connection. By that I mean minimize your ping, we have no interest in trying to deal with things like “lag compensation” by increasing your ping or any other means.

Making a post in the forum - what information you need to provide

When making a post in the forum regarding a lag issue, it is important you provide the relevant information for us to help you. Without the information, assisting you will take longer.

Please make sure that the NETDUMA is on the latest version, as some of the things requested below are not on the older versions of the firmware. You can take a look on how to upgrade here.

Finally, the information that is required means that you will need to take a screenshot. If you are not sure how to take a screenshot, you can look here, where there are instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Post a screenshot of the details page on the "Internet Diagnosis"

An example of what your screen shot for the internet diagnostics can been seen below. For information for how to use the internet diagnostics page, you can have a look here.

Post a screenshot of the top of the host filtering page

When you post a screen shot of the top of the Geo Filter page, it really needs to be the TOP of the Geo Filter page. Have a look below to see what your screen shot should include.

If you can't fit all of this into one screen shot, then taking two isn't a problem.

Post a screenshot of your Geo-filter in game

When your in a game, please post a screen shot of the GeoFilter such as the one below.

Please make sure that you are fully zoomed out so that everything on the map can be seen.

Post a screenshot of a typical ping graph

This is an important part to helping you. We need to see a ping graph from in the game, but please make sure that it is a regular one and not a one off high ping. High ping games will still happen occasionally, so just add those hosts to your deny list.

Let us know your paid for upload and download bandwidth

You can find out from your ISP (internet service provider) what your paid speeds are meant to be. You can connect them if you are not sure about this.

Usually speeds are represented in the unit of mbps (mega bits per second) but occasionally if they are slow, they will be represented in kilo bits. Please make sure that you state the units of your speeds.