Method 1 - Using the NETDUMA Ping Pop-out:

Step 1

Enable 'Auto Ping Host' on the Geo-Filter.

Step 2

On the 'Host Descriptor' box click 'Popout'.

Step 3

In your streaming software, set a window capture and choose the ping popout as the window. Then crop so that only the NETDUMA logo and ping is shown. You can do this in OBS like this:

Step 3a

Add a display capture.

Step 3b

Change 'Crop' to 'Window and Manual'.

Step 3c

Crop the display so that only the ping and logo are shown.

Step 3d

The ping from the NETDUMA can then be repositioned over your stream or videos.

Note: Some streaming software - including OBS on some operating systems - doesn't allow you to crop a window capture. If that is the case, follow the instructions below.

Method 2 - Using the NETDUMA Ping embedder

Step 1

First of all download the ping embedder from here. Also make sure you have Java installed.

Step 2

Open up the program and follow any on-screen instructions (such as entering your NETDUMA IP if it can't be automatically detected or your username and password if your router is password protected).

Step 3

Select your device from the dropdown box.

Step 4

The ping and the distance to host will now be saved to two files in the same directory.

To embed either or both of these into OBS you can follow the following instructions:

Step 4a

Open up OBS.

Step 4b

Add a new text source.

Step 4c

Tick the box that says 'Read from file'.

Step 4d

Press the browse button and chose the ping/distance file that was generated.

It will look like this once you've selected the file.

Step 4e

Reposition the text box. The ping/distance will be updated every second.

This has been tested (on 1.03.6) and works with:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • FIFA
  • Rocket League
  • Battlefield 4
  • GTA V


This video shows how to use the NETDUMA Ping embedder.