On your device, when searching for WiFi, can you see the “Netduma R1” network? If so please go to the next section below.

If you can't see that WiFi name can you see the WiFi name you changed it to?  If so please go to the next section below.

If you can't see any WiFi network for the NETDUMA please go to forum.netduma.com, make a post in General Support and reference #inet1.

Ensure you can access the NETDUMA interface and make a forum post at forum.netduma.com and post a picture of the entire WAN settings.

You can see the WiFi network on your device, which device are you using that cannot connect to the Wifi? You will need to make sure your device has an automatic IP set up you can see how to do that for your device here.

Once you have done this, go onto your web browser and type in if this does not work type http://R1 into the URL bar. If you cannot gain access this way go to forum.netduma.com, make a post in General Support and reference #inet2.

If you gain access through one of these go to the Device Manager, do you see the WAN IP? You should have Internet access if you see this.

If you can't see this go to Settings > WAN and make sure static is disabled.

Then turn off the R1 and turn off your ISP hub. Wait 10 seconds then turn on your ISP hub. Wait 30 seconds then turn on the R1. You should now have Internet access. If you don't go to the forum and reference #inet3.