If you are booted it tends to mean that the game wanted to put you into a dedicated server. When this happens, look for a padlock symbol on the Geo-Filter. You should notice that it is outside your radius. This is the dedicated server that the game wanted to connect you to. It is likely the closest to you.

What can I do?

There are a few things you can do:

  1. After setting your home location, set the distance to a small number before pressing the 'Snap' button a few times. This will expand the Geo-Filter to an optimum size for getting games by detecting groups of servers.

  2. Increase the Geo-Filter distance to include the padlock so you may connect to that game.

  3. Disable strict mode; this will allow more games to be connected to. Please note that they may appear outside of your filter.

  4. Move your home until you get a different host or padlock to appear. (You may have to restart the game). Keep in mind our anti-cheat if you connect to games and continue to try and find other hosts.

You may need to apply cloud settings again. That will flush out the latest cloud.

Common questions:

Can you block a dedicated server?

No. The reason for this is because blocking dedicated servers could potentially harm your overall gaming experience. For instance, you might play one bad game on a dedicated server and choose to block it - which in reality prevents you from ever playing a good game on that server. Not all games you experience on the same server will have a poor connection, so keeping your options open is essential. However, we have implemented the ability to temporarily ban a dedicated server.

Can I choose not to connect to dedicated servers?

If the game wants to connect you to a dedicated server, the game will not be happy until you are connected to one. This is often due to how the online matchmaking process has been developed, and will most likely compliment the game itself. Notably, playing on a dedicated server tends to be far superior then connecting to someone across the country.

Can I connect to people in my street?

It is unlikely that you will connect to someone living so close to you; though this is based on population. The Geo-Filter will block connections which are out of your range, which is a far more effective way to find a good server.

If the hosts/servers are not performing well for you there may be other causes of lag affecting this. Please read here for more information and solutions.

My radius is big, why am I experiencing booting?

You most likely have a padlock (Blocked Dedicated Server) outside of your radius which is causing this. See the image below.

The padlock is likely in the wrong location and in actuality it is located much closer to you. In this case, please click on the padlock, which will open the Host Descriptor below the map. From here, you can copy the ID and post it in this thread. We will then update the location of that server and you should see a difference when we have done this.