You've just got the Netduma R1. You do a speed test and for some reason your speeds are a lot lower than usual, what's going on? Well, there's a few things you can do.

You will need to know the speeds that you pay your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for. For example, 20mbps download, 5mbps upload. Double check you actually get these speeds by doing a wired speed test connected to your existing modem/router - usually the one provided by your ISP.

Optimised for Speed

Please note, these settings are aimed at achieving your maximum potential speed - though they may not be the best settings for gaming. Click on Congestion Control on the left hand side of the NETDUMA interface and then click on 'Set Bandwidth'. Enter the speeds you pay for in the Internet Connection download and upload boxes. Then click 'Update Bandwidth'.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 15.06.27.png


A box will appear asking if you want it to automatically set up according to your speeds. Select Yes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 13.34.29.png 

If you have tried this and it doesn't work please keep reading for manual speed settings. 

Once you've followed the settings below to reach your maximum speeds, you should change these bandwidth values to reflect the results you get when running a speed test (as usually you won't receive the 'paid for' speeds).

Go back to Congestion Control. Under Anti-flood you should have two options for the algorithm to use:

  • Pre-emptive - Used for Internet connections below 60mbps.

  • Reactive - Used for Internet connections 60mbps and above.

Select the algorithm that applies to you.

Ensure the download and upload cap are set to 100% - anything lower than this will decrease your bandwidth speed, though may improve the online gaming experience.

Under Device Prioritisation, ensure that 'Share Excess' is ticked. 

Under the Prioritisation 'flower', click on 'Reset Distribution'.

If you have over 100mbps connection, go to Settings > Miscellaneous and uncheck 'Enable deep packet processing' however, if you're using the Pre-emptive algorithm, keep this option enabled.

Connect a PC to the NETDUMA with an Ethernet cable. Upon running a speed test, it should now be close to your normal speed.

If you have speeds greater than 120mbps and you are on version 1.03.5 or greater then go to “Settings > Miscellaneous” and click "Turbo mode”.

If you have speeds greater than 500mbps make sure you also enable "Super Turbo mode". With super turbo mode congestion control will stop functioning, though this is necessary for your speed.

Speeds are still low

It is recommended that you use a computer with a wired connection to carry out a speed test. Consoles, phones and tablets can often provide inaccurate results. To find out your true speed, please always use a wired computer.

Try navigating to congestion control, and under “Device Prioritisation”, click on “Reset Distribution” before clicking “Update Distribution”.

If the speeds are still low, please disable IPv6 (located in WAN, LAN & miscellaneous settings) on the NETDUMA router. You may need to restart your modem after applying these settings.